Access Unlocked, preselectie Club 26, Genk Access Unlocked Access Unlocked, preselectie Club 26, Genk
  • Rise (Live @Preselectie Genk)
  • Nebulae (Live @Preselectie Genk)
  • Utopia (Live @Preselectie Genk)
  • Rise (demo)
  • Nebulae (demo)
  • Utopia (demo)

De mening van de jury

Herbeleef Preselectie 9

Club 26 - Genk

  • ‘Mag ik mijn joker inzetten?’

  • ‘Lekker strak wel’

  • ‘Vanaf het moment dat je de lyrics begon te verstaan, was het een pak minder’

Herbeleef Preselectie 9 - Genk - Club 26 - vrijdag 14 februari 2020, 20:00


  • drums: Senne Scheveneels (23)

  • guitars,vocals: Sam Peeters (23)

  • guitars: Arno Verbeeck (26)

  • bass: Niels Serneels (24)

  • vocals: Steven Jackson (21)

Access Unlocked is a metalcore act based in Belgium. Since forming in 2012, the quintet have performed in almost each corner of Belgium, most recently conquering the famous Groezrock Festival. They are now spreading their name further across Europe performing in countries like The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic and more.

The band is well known for innovating the metal genre by providing complex, yet beautiful guitar melodies, pounding riffs and both raw and clean vocals. Their unstoppable energy is always presented at each show, no matter the seize of it.

The band’s lineup includes frontman Steven Jackson, guitarist/songwriter Sam Peeters, guitarist Arno Verbeeck, drummer Senne Scheveneels and bassist Niels Serneels. Access Unlocked is now aiming to further spread their music and message throughout Europe with new music to come.