Boshra, Live Preselectie Leffinge Boshra, Live Preselectie Leffinge Boshra, Live Preselectie Leffinge N v \
  • Boshra - Ain't right (Live Preselectie Leffinge)
  • Boshra - Drifting (Live Preselectie Leffinge)
  • Boshra - The Devil vs Me (Live Preselectie Leffinge)
  • Drifting (Demo)
  • Reveal It (Demo)
  • This Town (Demo)

De mening van de jury

Herbeleef Preselectie 6

De Zwerver - Leffinge

  • ‘De zanglijn was de song, de rest deed er niet veel toe’

  • ‘Die subbassen begonnen mij op het einde op mijn zenuwen te werken’

  • ‘Op het einde pas?’

Herbeleef Preselectie 6 - Leffinge - De Zwerver - zaterdag 12 februari 2022, 18:00


  • drums,Producer: Ben Cyran (23)

  • electronics,Producer: Raf Cyran (25)

  • vocals,Songwriting: Dina Boshra (27)

Boshra is the project of singer/songwriter Dina Boshra and musicians / producers Raf Cyran & Ben Cyran. It’s unexpected, sincere and brings us back to her roots. This is all she has ever wanted to do. In this project you’ll hear them bring the Arabic and Western world together with mysterious sounds.

Boshra kicks off her journey with the debut single ‘This Town’. This Town can be interpreted in different ways. The song describes being stuck in a toxic mental space, the daily struggles in life, society who keeps pushing us towards a certain direction and the pressure and stress, resulting in burnouts, bore-outs, stress, fights. But it also describes the inner battle you go through to find your way out of it.

New single OUT NOW ‘Drifting’ :

Drifting is about facing an important person in your life that seems to only bring you down. The draining feeling of being taken for granted, suffocating at times, almost like you’re drifting away from your own values. It takes courage to acknowledge this and to evolve into a better and stronger person.