Eyemèr, Preselectie Nazareth Eyemèr, Preselectie Nazareth Eyemèr, Preselectie Nazareth N v \
  • Eyemèr - Reborn (Live Preselectie Nazareth)
  • Eyemèr - On my Own (Live Preselectie Nazareth)
  • Eyemèr - Bird, You Can Fly (Live Preselectie Nazareth)
  • Promise (Demo)
  • On My Own (Demo)
  • Soil (Demo)

De mening van de jury

Herbeleef Preselectie 4

CC Nova - Nazareth

  • ‘De stem is helderder geworden in vergelijking met de vorige keer’

  • ‘Mooi gezongen, mooi gitaar gespeeld, maar ik vond de liedjes maar doordeweeks’

  • ‘Het is duidelijk dat dit therapie is’

Herbeleef Preselectie 4 - Nazareth - CC Nova - zaterdag 5 februari 2022, 18:00


  • guitars, Stem: Arlo Devreese (28)

Singer-songwriter trying to make your eyes water or at least touch your soul.

Eyemèr is an indie singer-songwriter whose work is influenced by artists such as Soko, Daughter, Bon Iver and Waxahatchee. Arlo Devreese’s fragile, raw voice and dark lo-fi sound have become their trademark.

In 2014 Eyemèr (back then still using their own name) reached the finals of Belgium’s greatest competition for musicians: Humo’s Rock Rally. In March 2016 their debut album ‘Temporarily Colourblind’ came out, a collection of 10 very personal songs that get under your skin.

Almost 4 years after the release of their debut album ‘Temporarily Colourblind’, Eyemèr came back with an ep called ‘Good Mourning To You’. Michiel De Maeseneer (Balthazar, Bazart, Douglas Firs, Faces on TV) was the producer of the ep.

As usual the songs on this ep were about mental health, a topic around which Eyemèr tries to break the stigma with their music. But there’s more. 2018 was the year Arlo Devreese came out as non-binary and embraced their queer sexuality to the fullest. This will definitely be apparent in the release, through the songwriting, but also through the music video(s).

A new EP, called ‘Transition Town’, is coming 11.02.2022.