Rooftop J, Cactus Club, Brugge Rooftop J, Cactus Club, Brugge Rooftop J, Cactus Club, Brugge
  • Can't Relate (Live @Preselectie Brugge)
  • Running (Live @Preselectie Brugge)
  • White Goose (Live @Preselectie Brugge)
  • Blue Lagoon (demo)
  • Pope (demo)
  • White Goose (demo)

De mening van de jury

Herbeleef Preselectie 8

Cactus Club - Brugge

  • ‘Kanye West-achtig geneuzel’

  • ‘Geen performer’

  • ‘Ik vond het laatste nummer niet zo slecht’

Herbeleef Preselectie 8 - Brugge - Cactus Club - zaterdag 8 februari 2020, 20:00


  • vocals: Jari Marain (22)

  • Producer: Ward De Bruyn (20)

With influences from Mac Miller, Felly and J Cole., Rooftop J brings refreshing, original music with slick rhythm and flow. Portraying his perspective and experiences in modern day hip hop. Fairly new to the genre, Rooftop J brought in an impressive total of 155,000 streams on Spotify in barely six months while also appearing on the best hip hop editorial playlist from Belgium, ‘Code 32’. Originating from Belgium while appealing to a global audience. Working with longtime friend and producer @YungOffender.