This is Hert, Hangar 27, Edegem This Is Hert This is Hert, Hangar 27, Edegem N v \
  • Hit Me Now (Live @Preselectie Edegem)
  • The Politics Of Falling (Live @Preselectie Edegem)
  • Mr. Man (I'm Asking) (Live @Preselectie Edegem)
  • Evelyne
  • Hit Me Now
  • Mr. Man (I'm Asking)

De mening van de jury

Herbeleef Preselectie 7 2020

Hangar 27 - Edegem

  • ‘Zo braaf allemaal’

  • ‘Eerste nummer was goed, maar gekke sounds’

  • ‘Het deed mij aan Fleet Foxes denken, en aan Bon Iver’

Herbeleef Preselectie 7 2020 - Edegem - Hangar 27 - vrijdag 7 februari 2020, 20:00



  • other,Magical audio dust: Wollhert, the Wizard (28)

  • bass,drums,electronics,guitars,keys: All the little Hertlings (27)

This Is Hert, the ever-searching songwriter, is proud owner of the ‘Just Krust-robot’ (designed by Joseph Whiteman). He is the creator of many great [and I mean GREAT(!)] cardboard masks, was elected Studio Ree’s Employee of the Month in March 2018 and (during a recent interview with himself) claimed to have watched a video called ‘David Bowie’s 10 rules for success’. Proclaiming: “Ears that write, eyes that sing and songs that seek a truth.”