• Provin’ Myself
  • Neverland
  • Big Boy


  • vocals: Williams Kaizari (27)

Williams Ine de Sousa e Santos Felipe (born November 5, 1994), known as Williams Kaizari (Emperor in Swahili), is a singer, songwriter and rapper born in Paris (France) and raised in Poperinge (Belgium). Currently he’s based in Berlin (Germany).

Kaizari originates from Angola, which provides big knowledge of afro music and dancehall. His parents always made sure he’d never forget where he came from by organizing musical jam session’s every Sunday at their home.

His family has been immigrating since very long which provides them with great knowledge of the most common spoken languages, he grew up with 3 native languages (French, Dutch and Portuguese). Through the years he was able to learn English and Spanish.

Since the Belgian music scene is fully focused on hip hop and urban music, Kaizari has been able to develop a sound that has a mix of afro, r&b, hip-hop and dancehall.